Health insurance in Islam | Is health insurance haram?


 Health insurance in Islam


Health is a gift of Allah, without health a person becomes helpless and somehow he underestimates his own personality and sometime it leads him to be dependent on other’s help. Be it well-to-do- person or poor they need proper and good health to be energetic and to remain active in life. People are using different ways to remain in good physical shape, and for this many people use different kind of schemes without knowing whether it is lawful or unlawful. That is why it became the topic of debate among Islamic jurisprudents that health insurance in Islam is allowed or not. Let’s have a cursory glance on the verdict and judgment of Islamic jurisprudents regarding health insurance in Islam.

Health insurance in Islam
Health insurance in Islam

In recent era, health has become a profitable profession for some people. Health which was considered as the service of humanity and those who were attached to this field were regarded as the servant of humanity now this profession has been turned into lucrative business. There are some countries where health insurance is compulsory for their citizens. Though, the situation of India is not the same, and here health insurance is not incumbent for every person, because the treatment in India is not as expensive as in developed countries. Despite it, there government schemes are available here which gives many promises to the citizens. And now many private companies have jumped into this business and they are captivating people by their new and profitable schemes.

Is health insurance allowed in islam?

Eyeing the situation many questions arose regarding health insurance in Islam. Is health insurance allowed in Islam? Due to some terms and conditions health insurance schemes are doubtful in view of Islam. It is a kind of gambling which is not allowed in Islam. To solve this problem seminar was conducted by Fiqh Academy India and Idara-e-Mabahith-e-Fiqhia, Jamiat al Ulama-e-Hind and many other Islamic jurisprudents have given their verdicts individually.


There are some questions and verdict of Islamic Fiqh Academy regarding health insurance in Islam. Why health insurance is not allowed in Islam and how people could get benefit from it.

What would be the ruling of Islam if there have been some changes in terms of health insurance policy, or it is government scheme? Is there any way to utilize these schemes? What is the ruling of health insurance in Islam?

Why is health insurance haram in Islam?

There are some explanations in this regard. Firstly, it should be in mind that system of health insurance consists of gambling. It may be that one has sought his health insurance but he did not fall to ill or he fell to ill but it cost him more than what he had deposited for his health insurance policy.

Second, it consists of interest too, for example one has deposited only 1000 for his health insurance but when he fell to ill he received 10000. Extra money which he has received for his treatment comes under definition of interest. Gambling and interest both are illegal according to Islamic perspective.

Eying the aforementioned reasons, health insurance in Islam is not allowed in normal situation. But if it is a government scheme then it may be utilized, because most of the time government launches schemes for the benefit of people and taking advantages from government schemes in the limit of Islamic rulings is permitted. Just name (health insurance policy) does not matter in this regard. In our country it may be utilized.

If someone is so poor that he cannot bear burden of his treatment and he is in dire need of help, in this case he may use health insurance scheme after consulting Ulama. It will be considered as one has been allowed eating forbidden food to survive. Poor person will be permitted to use health insurance scheme.

In some countries treatment has become much expensive, lower class and middle class people cannot bear the expenses of their treatment without health insurance, in this case it may be allowed for them who cannot bear the burden of their treatment.

It should be in mind that in normal situation health insurance in Islam is not allowed.

Reference: Mufti Abdur Rasheed Kanpur


Some years ago Islamic Fiqh-e-Academy organized conference to deliberate the ongoing system of health insurance, whether health insurance in Islam is haram or not. After consultation, Academy came to the conclusion that recent system of health insurance in Islam is not permitted due to un-Islamic conditions.

Verdict of Islamic Fiqh-e-Academy India

According to Islamic viewpoint not a single sort of gambling is allowed. In recent era, all kinds of health insurance consist of gambling and interest. Health insurance has turned noble service into a profitable business. In all these perspective, the Seminar conducted on the topic of health insurance in Islam came to the following conclusions:

  1. “Health insurance, like other insurances consist of gambling, so in normal situation health insurance cannot be allowed and there is no difference between government and non-government institutions.
  2. If it is binding for every citizen of country to seek health insurance then it is allowed, but for well-to-do-people it is necessary to do sadaqa of all extra money which he has received on the name of health insurance without intention of reward.
  3. Alternate of ongoing system of health insurance is possible according to Islamic teachings. The simple way is that Muslims should establish their own charitable and welfare institutions only for the purpose of helping poor people in their treatment”.

After all, it should be kept in mind that health insurance is not allowed in Islam in normal situation due to un-Islamic conditions.



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