Apostasy in Islam and value of faith

In recent era, everyday, cases of apostasy are being published in newspapers and on the other hand people are discussing this issue in their daily conversation. The situation has become so critical that now we can observe this heinous crime in our society and in our own locality. From common family to well-to-do- family, without any exception, they are heading towards apostasy knowingly or unknowingly. Students from school to colleges and universities and from common people to well-educated and high-qualified people regardless of their background are going astray and embracing mythical and fictional religion. It is a matter of shame for whole Muslim community that our brothers and sisters are leaving the path of the Prophet peace be upon him. Whereas we know that apostasy in Islam is not acceptable.

Who chooses apostasy and why?

We have to be worried in this regard; otherwise our upcoming generation will not be a part of Islamic society. The children who would be brought up in the lap of the astray and apostate parents, how will they adhere to the religion of Islam? The biggest threat for the nation is that mostly educated people are falling prey of it. Educational institutions run by non-Muslim management have appeared as one of the main factors for this sin. Earlier it never happened on such a large scale that high-qualified and wealthy people of the society got trapped in apostasy. Mostly down-trodden and poor people were lured and converted to other religions by missionaries and evangelizers. They offered them a large amount of money and earthly facilities for leaving the true religion of Islam. Uneducated people who lived in a rural area and were not aware of the basic teachings of Islam, they were targeted for this mischievous mission. Due to hardship of life and negligence from religious duties it might ever happen that one or two people changed their way of life to ease their worldly life. In recent times, those who are committing such crime are considered erudite, intellectual and genius in their circles. They are not being forced for this conversion rather they are choosing this wrong way whole heartedly and pleasantly. They are not inspired by logic and philosophy of mythical religion rather their main motive behind this conversion is their personal and carnal desire. To get transitory happiness they cross the limitation of Allah and leave their parents to sink into shame forever.

Why do converts leave Islam?

It is a matter of concern for each and every Muslim across the country why our daughters and sons are not feeling afraid of giving up the religion of Islam. How do they dare to take such terrible step without thinking of the outcome in future, while they do not feel certain that their life will be happy and pleased after choosing the route that has no destination except mortification and embarrassment? We all, as a Muslim community, have to be worried regarding ongoing horrific situation of our generation. If we do not uproot this mischief from our community, it will destroy the whole Muslim Ummah in this country. First we have to point out the reasons behind this current scenario then we may figure out them one by one and step by step. Intellectuals and Ulama from our community have been discussing these problems for a long time, but unfortunately, still we did not find the correct answer of the problem or we may say we did not try our level best to find out the solution. There are many reasons behind it, such as, co-education system, co-work system, multi-religious society, dowry system for poor family, delay in marriage and one more which could be considered as the biggest reason for it but we are taking it for granted, that is a weakness of faith and belief and lack of Islamic knowledge.

Is it not shocking that a Muslim does not know the basic knowledge of Islam? How it could be possible while the Prophet peace be upon him has laid much emphasis on education. It is incumbent on all Muslims, regardless of their gender, to get basic education of Islam, so that they may discharge the duties perfectly. We all are bound to follow the commands of Allah in all spheres of life.

Islam is the best religion in the world

There are some major points that need to be addressed seriously. There are some people who fall in doubts regarding tenets of Islam due to constant meeting with the people who try to defame Islamic teachings or regard it as a conservative religion, not compatible with the contemporary era or they deliberately intend to create doubts among Muslim fellows. The second point is that many Muslims do not understand the value of faith, owing to the liberalism and modernism they feel ashamed to be called Muslim or they pretend to be a liberal or modern. The third one is that some of them think that religion is a personal matter, and it has nothing to do with actions. They separate the religious life from public life considering the religion as the opposite of public life. Many more reasons can be counted but we will discuss the aforementioned issues and will try to figure out these problems.

Islamic teaching does not consist of myth and fiction

Islam is the only religion in the world that has no mythical or fictional stories to be probed rather its teachings, from the beginning to the end has strong and regular chain of reliable and trustworthy Ulama of Islam. Not a single word can be added to or deleted from the holy Qur’an as Allah has promised to safeguard it from addition or deletion. The sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him was collected and compiled by the memorious Ulama of this Ummah who perseveringly worked only for the collection of ahadith. Exegesis of the holy Qur’an was started from the age of the Prophet peace be upon him and still many great and profound knowledge holders are rendering this worthwhile service. In all these circumstances, one can clearly see how fervently and affectionately Ulama of Islam have worked to save and to preach the true message of Islam to the world.

Human logic is not a parameter for Islam

In modern era, each and every ruling of Islam is judged by logics and reasons. Whenever any messages of Islam are told to them, first they ask why to accept and practice, and does it consist of worldly gain? From Kalima to Salah and worshipping to charity in every action of Islam they want to see the logic. It seems they are not a servant of Allah rather they are servant of logic who cannot endure anything without its permission, and they go after logic which throw them into confusion. We know it and believe in it that Islam is a religion revealed by Allah, and Allah is the Creator of human beings, human intelligence cannot encompass His knowledge, whatever wisdom and secret He has hidden in dictation of Islam is beyond the capacity of human being. Despite it, many secret and wisdom have been disclosed by the Prophet peace be upon him and later by Islamic scholars. It is abundantly clear for intellectuals how the Creator of this universe can give an order which has no benefit for His creatures. It will be an absurdity of an order which has no reason in it. It is not imagined in our daily life, how it could be expected from the Creator of the universe. If we talk about reason and logic in religious matter not a single religion of this earth can logically be measured except Islam, all the exiting religions of the world are combined with fiction and myths besides Islam. Even heavenly religions of this era have no authenticity due to constant addition and deletion in their scriptures.

Apostasy cannot be ignored

If anyone has any doubt regarding teachings of Islam, he must consult to responsible Ulama. Students from school and college mostly suffer from these types of suspicions due to non-Islamic environment and their non-Muslim teachers who relentlessly target the religion of Islam and taunt Muslim students with their religious matter. They (students) must be kept in supervision, and their Islamic teachings must be focused. A sneaking suspicion would be enough to destroy the religious life, if it will not be removed on early stage it can grow and wipe out the faith of human beings. From the early age, as we (parents) focus on their school education, we have to focus on Islamic education too. Maintaining the balance between Islamic education and school education is necessary.

Nudity and adultery is against human nature

The most relevant religion to the contemporary era is Islam. Islamic jurisprudence has answer to every question of the modern age. From social life to religious life its teaching has not spared any section of human life. Followers of Islam are flying high in all subject of life while practicing the religion of Islam. Islam encourages its adherents to become perfect and develop their skills in different subjects of life. Islam never ever prohibited Muslims from getting in philosophy, chemistry, biology, geology, and archeology and so on, rather Islamic scholars of early ages are famous for invention, foundation and contribution in the field of education. It is a religion that suits the nature of human being from birth to death. Those who regard Islam as a conservative religion considering the limitation and boundaries of Islam as an obstacle for personal freedom, they must keep it in mind that ongoing abashment situation is not a matter of personal freedom rather it is a war against human nature. Nudity, adultery, drinking wine, gambling, thievery, blasphemy, abusing and etc had never been a part of human society. All these have been regarded crimes since the human being existed. There are some people who want to impose their own culture and desire on folks to get benefit from them. To satisfy their carnal desires and to hide their unnatural behavior they are misguiding the world.

Apostasy and importance of faith

Faith is the greatest gift of Allah. We must feel proud of being Muslims. Muslims are the adherents of the Prophet peace be upon him who is the dearest personality among all creatures in the sight of Allah. In this perspective, it is not a matter of shame for Muslims to follow the religion of Islam rather it is a pride for him to be called practicing Muslim. The religion which has relation with the Prophet peace be upon him is surely a best and perfect religion on the earth. Definitely he is in loss that diverts his way from the way of Islam. Modernity and liberalism has nothing to do with religion of Islam, because Islam is not only a religion it is also a way of life of the Prophet peace be upon him his companions and all other Ulama of Islam. The holy Qur’an says: “There is indeed a good model for you in the Messenger of Allah- for the one who has hope in Allah and in the Last Day, and remembers Allah profusely”, (chapter: 31, v: 31). At another place Allah says: “Surely, Allah has bought their lives and their wealth from the believers, in exchange of (a promise) that Paradise shall be theirs” (chapter: 9, v: 111). In the above verses it has clearly been mentioned that believers’ lives and wealth have been bought by their Lord in exchange of Paradise. This rare privilege has been given to them who follow the religion of Islam sincerely and stick to the commands of Allah. In today’s world, on the name of freedom people are breaking the laws of Allah. Just to keep away from the religious life they have chosen new way of life which has no destination not in this world and not in the Hereafter. They want to spend their lives freely from all types of responsibility as animals do. They do not want to live the life of human being but their strong desire is to equalize with animal in spending day and night. If it is a way of life and it is called culture and civilization then animals are far better than human being because they do not proclaim to be an intellectual. So, it should be in mind that liberalism and modern culture and civilization which is against the rule of Allah is not a way of life for succeeding, it may be regarded as the way of life to get carnal and sexual satisfaction nothing else, any culture and civilization of the world has no value in the society without modesty and decency. We know that humans are not created only to gratify his wills like animal, rather human beings are created for the special purpose of worship, as Allah says in the holy Qur’an: “I did not create Jinns and human beings except for the purpose that they should worship Me”. The main purpose of creation of human being is the worship of Allah not only to follow his/her own desire.

We are bound to obey Allah

Allah says in the holy Qur’an: “There is no compulsion in religion of Islam”. It means one cannot force others to embrace the religion of Islam. It is a personal choice of man and woman whether he/she accepts it or not. In all Islamic history, it cannot be proved that a single person was forced to accept Islam. But after accepting the religion of Islam, he/she has to follow the commands of Allah properly. One cannot say that I am a Muslim but I like to drink wine or eat unlawful food, if he does then Hudood (prescribed punishment) will be applied to him for breaking the rule of Islam. Let’s take an example to understand it thoroughly. A person from any Western country wants to settle in India, he came here and got citizenship. Now he will have to abide by the complete rule and regulation of Indian Constitution, he cannot be given permission to live according to Western rule and regulation, because he is no longer a westerner, and now he is an Indian. If he does anything which is lawful according to Western rule but that is considered crime in India, then he will have to face action here. The same way, if one has embraced the religion of Islam then he will have to follow the commands of Allah.

Children should be provided Islamic teaching to avoid apostasy

As a Muslim, it is our duty to teach children basic education of Islam. Some people focus on it and they manage basic Islamic education for their children but they think that reading the holy Qur’an and memorizing some ahadith is enough, surely it is valuable but we cannot say it the full and final. There are two different things; we have to be careful about both of them. Learning the holy Qur’an and offering Salah is one thing while knowing the basic tenets of Islam is another thing. The thing which has been described in Imaan-e-Mufassal they should be made to understand. Imaan-e-Mufassal consists of almost all basic tenets of Islam: “I believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and in Fate, that all good and bad is from Allah the Most High and I believe in the resurrection after death”. The person who will understand the meaning of aforementioned Imaan-e-Mufassal will keep away from bad thoughts about Islam. Is it not astonishing for human being that he/she has to stand before Allah on the Day of Judgment? Definitely he/she has to stand before Allah. Everyone will be questioned how he/she has spent his/her life, no one will be left out on this Day. The Prophet peace be upon him said: “The feet of the son of Adam will not move away from his Lord on the Day of Resurrection until he is asked about five things about his life how he spent it; about his youth how he passed it; about his wealth how he earned it and on what he spent it, and what he did with that which he learnt”, (Tirmizi Sharif, 2545). According to it, each and every person who was born from Adam to the last person will face these questions. If a person becomes concerned about the Day of Resurrection then he will surely spend his life according to Shariah.


We are human beings, we have been created by the Creator of the universe, and it is a simple rule of nature that one should not go against his Creator; otherwise he will be regarded as defiant and disobedient. Those who follow the commands of the Creator of this universe will be rewarded and will be given favours. As a Muslim we should stick to the commands of Allah, we should follow the teachings of Islam and we should become practical Muslim. May Allah save us from wrong doings! Aameen!


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