Apostasy and Muslim society

Apostasy and Muslim society:

Causes and reasonsand their comprehensive solutions

Apostasy has become a curse for Muslim society. Every now and then, it comes in the news that so many boys or girls have converted from their true religion to another distorted and mythical religion just to satisfy their desires. When this kind of news comes in the air, some people from Muslim community come forward to take steps to prevent them. They talk about causes and factors behind this tragedy. They try to make strong strategy to stop this nasty situation. But the fact is that this spirit does not last long. They do not come up with long-term solution. They appear on the surface of water like a bubble and burst into extinction in no time without giving any fruitful result to their community.

Apostasy and muslims, apostasy and Muslim society
Apostasy and Muslims

Causes and reasons

India is a cosmopolitan country. People from different religions, languages, castes and creeds live together in the same society. All of them practice their rites and cultures in the same society. At the occasion of Eid, people from other religions wish their Muslim neighbors and friends, and on the occasion of non-Islamic festival, Muslims wish their non-Muslim friends and neighbors. Sometime they exchange gifts and take part in their parties to show friendly relationship among each other. Due to this frequent meeting, sometime some of them come closer which lead them to committing the heinous crime and it destroys the peace of the society and causes instability and creates communal tension in the country. 

What should Muslims do?

What should be done to stop this blunder? Instead of focusing on trivial issues we have to find out the main factors behind it, and accordingly we have to set our tactics to safeguard the belief of new generation. In the society where Muslims are in minority, it becomes arduous to save the belief and to follow Islamic culture and tradition thoroughly. For this, we have to train our new generation according to Islamic principles and beliefs. They should be taught Islamic teachings and tenets so that they may not feel inferiority complex regarding their divine religion and they should be dedicated to their religion. Just teaching is not enough for the new generation rather they need proper Islamic environment and good upbringing not to be inspired from false dogma of other mythical religions. We should discuss with them on the topic of religion to measure their information regarding Islam. We cannot leave them to live their life according to their desires.

Modern education system

Here, we want to point out some deadliest reasons of apostasy. We have to take them into consideration to save our new generation.

Education is a fundamental right of every human being. No one can be denied from this right. Islam has laid much emphasis on the importance of education. The Prophet (saws) said: “to acquire education is mandatory for every Muslim”.

Through the ages of history, education system and its means have been changing but new education system has brought about revolutionary changes in education. Though this education system produced many benefits which were not so easy in early ages but its disadvantages have surpassed its advantages. This education system has become very easy for learners and many discoveries have been made in short span of time, but as far as morality and ethics are concerned, this education system has damaged them so severely that they cannot be mended. Ongoing system of Co-education provides suitable environment for mischievous students who want to involve in activities other than reading and learning. They are being regulated in such a manner which removes the importance of modesty from them. Immodesty, falsehood, shamelessness and abhorrence from religion are being installed in their minds on the name of education, equality, profession, career, personal freedom. They are brought up in the atmosphere which follows and praises Western culture only, consequently they become addicted to Western culture and they consider it as a key of their achievement. It seems that Western culture is the only way to get success in this world.

As Muslims, we have to ponder upon this system. Surely we cannot change this ongoing education system but we can save our new generation from such schools and colleges which have become a hub of immodesty and where there is no respect for religion and ethics. Most of private schools and colleges in our country are run by non-Muslim organizations. They follow their own rules and regulations which are certainly not conducive to Muslim boys and girls. On the name of extra curriculum, they are encouraged to celebrate un-Islamic festivals and carnivals which are completely against Islamic belief. On the name of solidarity and mutual relations, they are taught to participate in different types of parties. They are compelled to practice un-Islamic and unethical activities and sometime they are forced to take part in such a commemoration in which they do not prefer to be a part of it. To avoid from all these un-Islamic activities, we all have to be thoughtful about our new generation. Muslims should establish their own schools and colleges according to Islamic culture where not only education but morality and ethics should also be followed properly. Their education standard should be so high that everyone must pay their attentions to our schools and colleges. Instead of propagating others’ culture we should disseminate our own Islamic culture through our educational institutions. There are two benefits in establishing our own educational institutions, first, it will provide good and healthy atmosphere for learners, and second, by this way we may preach true message of Allah to all students who are in touch with us. Only degrees should not be focused on rather humanity and good character should be added in curriculum. Religious spirit should be inculcated in students so that they may follow their religion in their practical life. Religion is an essential part of human beings it cannot be neglected on the name of freedom. Those who advocate for humanitarianism without following true message of Allah either they are in ignorance or they have gone astray.

Famous writer Shorish Kashmiri has written in his book that a person informed me about modern education system, he said my two sisters used to go to school for education. One day one of them said to me that our classmates make fun of us due to our old hair style. I did not reply to her, after two or three days, I saw her arranging hair style according to new fashion. Just then, I stopped them from going to school. I became afraid, today she was arranging her hair style, what would she do next. He further said, I did not have even radio in my house, because it is one of the main reasons for the destruction of our morality. It is an abstract of a book which was written 70 years back. Now the situation has drastically changed. Mini-skirts and short dresses have been introduced as dress code in schools; unfortunately Muslim girls follow the same dress code in schools. Let alone radio, now every one of us has mobile, which provides us every kind of material whether it is religious or non-religious. Mobile has two different aspects: one is beneficial, while the other is excessively harmful for users. Even though, it has eased the difficulties of connectivity. Through this mobile, one can be in contact to anybody who is living on the other side of this world. People can search for their routes by using it and so on. The harmful aspect is that it consists of every kind of shameful objects which is enough to destroy the character of users. Shaikh Zulfaqar Naqshbandi has written that people should use their computer and laptop in front of their household so that they may feel fear to misuse or indulge in shameful activity. But now it is not possible, because every member of the house has his separate mobile with internet connection and no one is allowed to use or check others’ mobile, else it will lead to unsuitable situation in family. When there is no one to stop from misusing, what will happen when he/she will be alone in his/her room, it will be almost impossible for him/her to remain safe from committing sins.

Women’s freedom or women empowerment

On the name of women’s freedom or women empowerment a beautiful trap has been spread out for the women. Mainly they are incited to raise their voices against supremacy of men, but behind this slogan they cross the limitation of Islamic boundaries. Allama Iaqbal said: “movement of women’s freedom is a shameful activity, the nation which has given extra freedom to their women, some time or the other, it has regretted on its decision”. In recent era, there is a demand for absolute freedom which has created chaos in the society. We are humans, we are not God then how we could get absolute freedom. People cannot survive on this planet without following prescribed rules and regulations, instead of going behind others we should remain firm on divine order. He further said: “Muslim woman must remain in the limit which Islam has described for her, education should be provided to her in that limitation”. Islam has encouraged its followers without any discrimination to get education, but it has fixed the boundaries so that one should not go astray. In modern education system, women get education, degrees but due to unfavourable environment they cross Islamic limits. On the name of freedom, equality, my body my right, they leave religious life behind in which the success of both the worlds lies hidden. For the dazzling, lavish and stunning life they lose their femininity. They leave their homes and close relatives to serve strangers in Café and in flight. 

Delay in marriage

Due to women’s freedom, marriage system of many families has collapsed. It is a nature of human being that at one stage of life he/she needs partner to live with him/her happily. It is against nature to spend lonely life without partner. Those who advocate for celibacy they are either in ignorance or they are far away from human nature. “The Prophet (saws) denied Uthman bin Maz’un permission to observe celibacy. If he had permitted him, then, indeed we would have had ourselves castrated”.(Tirmizi Sharif). At another place the Prophet (saws) said: “when a man proposes marriage and you are pleased with his religion and his character then marry (your daughter) to him. If you do not do it, then there would be mischief on the earth and much corruption”. (Tirmizi Sharif). It is evidently clear that neither celibacy nor delay in marriage is liked in Islam. The Prophet (saws) has regarded it as the mischief and corruption. If there will be delay in marriage, modesty and chastity will be at risk.


There are two types of people in our society, one who delays in marriage to achieve success and get luxurious life style, while the other who wants to marry but due to lack of money and poverty they are not able to marry. They cannot bear the burden of dowry which has become essential part of our society. Though dowry is not permissible in Islam but our custom and culture have made it mandatory part of marriage. Due to unnecessary demand in marriage, it becomes almost difficult for the poor people to marry off their daughters. The Prophet (saws) said: “a woman is married for four aims, her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a loser”. This Hadith indicates that religious woman should be preferred in marriage, but due to earthly benefits people look for wealthy woman with no religion status. It is a matter of concern for Muslim Ummah, that we are not following the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (saws) in marriage. Many poor religious girls spend their life in wait for suitable proposal, but they do not find it. The Prophet (saws) said: “the most blessed marriage is the one with least expensive one”. The Prophet (saws) has regarded the least expensive marriage as the most blessed marriage. In early age of Islam, people used to marry without any function. One of the most famous companions of the Prophet (saws) Hazrat Abdurrahman bin A’uf got married in Madina in the life of the Prophet (saws) but he did not inform the Prophet (saws). When the Prophet (saws) came to know about his marriage, he blessed him and suggested to him to do Walima. It was the custom of Muslims of early ages that they used to marry in simple way without making it expensive and without inviting large number of people. In those days marriage was not a matter of concern for anybody, after getting suitable proposal they prefer to tie the knot without delay.

Solution for problem

These are some factors which have become curse for Muslim Ummah. We have solutions in our hand and we can repair damaged parts of the society according to Qur’nic teachings, but we are not focusing on these critical issues. We are not taking it as seriously as it should be. Faith and beliefs are the most precious gift of Allah. Nothing can replace it. It is responsibility of our Ulama and religious leaders to take strong action to protect the faith of Muslim Ummah. If we do not come forward for common people, then tomorrow it will knock at our doors and we will not be able to stop it. We have to stop these evils, or else it will destroy the whole Muslim society.

Islam is a universal religion. It is not a collection of some mythical stories that accepts changes time to time. It is a specialty of Islam that it leads its followers in all walks of life, not a single corner of life remains unsolved in Islamic teachings. From birth to death, it has given clear instructions to Muslims. As Allah says in the glorious Qur’an: “So (O, Prophet,) towards that (faith) invite (people) and be steadfast as you are commanded, and do not follow their desires, and say, “I believe in whatever book Allah has sent down. And I have been ordered to do justice among you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. For us, are our deeds, and for you, your deeds. There is no argumentation between us and you. Allah will bring us together, and to Him is the final return”.(Chapter, 42, verse, 15). This Verse clearly shows how Muslims should live in the society, where people from different religions are living together. Muslims should do their best to invite people to the right way, and they should remain steadfast on their religion. They should establish justice in the society and be honest. They should make other people realize that there is no one more beneficial and honest in the society other than Muslims. If non-Muslims practice their religion, leave them do so, but be practical Muslim whole heartedly. We all know that we will have to return to Allah and Allah is the most Just.

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